Frozen shoulder

If you are suffering from frozen shoulder you should:

  • Avoid activities that involve you lifting your arms over your head or behind your back to reduce irritation
  • Use pain relief such as anti-inflammatories, as advised by your pharmacist or GP
  • Ice/Cryotherapy - place a wet flannel and a pack of frozen peas on your shoulder for 20 minutes up to every hour
  • Complete a simple range of movement exercises - watch our exercise video and download our exercise sheet to the right.

If you are suffering from frozen shoulder, you should also correct your posture. If you slouch, your ability to lift your arm above your head reduces by 30 per cent.

Sitting and standing in a good posture with your shoulder back will help your movement as well as prevent the tendons in your shoulder catching. Slouching also squashes all of the structures in your shoulder against the ridge above the joint, causing pain and irritation.

Download our patient information sheet for more advice on dealing with frozen shoulder.